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12/12/2011 13:34

I think it was pretty good but you need way more info on everything and I think you didn't write with your on word for plate tectonics. And you need to write at least 7 or 6 sentence not 1 or 2.

Joe Joltz
12/12/2011 13:45

Plate Tectonics:

I agree with Goda. There is a lot that you could add to many of your pages. Providing more info helps more people. There also is some spelling mistakes that could be fixed other than that there isn't much besides putting captions under your pic instead of beside.

Joe Joltz
12/12/2011 15:19

Rock Cycle:

- There are a few spelling mistakes in the page although not many.
- Try to get a little bit more information about how the rock cycle goes.
- Overall very well done with just a few small changes needed.

Minnie Mouse
12/12/2011 18:01

there were a few soelling mistakes not as much though but you need to work on some of that besides that i agree with joe joltz but u did really really realy great :)

Goddess Athena
12/12/2011 18:12

Rock cycle:
- You could add more information for the rock cycle.
- You can tell how the sedimentary rocks turn into metamorphic rocks.
- Over all you did an awesome job!

Plate Tectonics:
- For convergent boundaries you had some spelling errors.
- For divergent and transform boundaries you could have added more information from the text book.
- Over all you did an awesome job!

12/12/2011 21:31

Over all your website looks good. That being said all the sections need a lot more information! i noticed some spelling/grammar mistakes so just review your pages please. If you are looking for more information you can reffer to the doccument Mr.Hong shared with us in google docs.(interactive slide show). Nice job so far. :)

Mr. Hong
12/13/2011 21:33

@ Johnny Novels - Please check your spelling. Also, you need to add more information to the majority of your pages. You have not provided enough detail in your research.

Minnie Mouse
01/04/2012 21:52

over all your webstie looks great
information : your information is very good but i think that you should explain more on the concept of the rock cycle and the theory of plate tectonics it looks like your information has been copied so try and put them in your own words

capitals : there were a few capitals that need to be put in the right place here in there so scan through your work very carefully so u can fix those mistakes .

puctuation : your punctuation is okay like in the theory of plate tectonics you should put some periods in the propper place instead of just putting them were ever you feel like it so just look over that.

grammar: you have a few grammar mistakes and that needs to be fixed alot because you shouldent be typing so fast remember always look over your work .

spelling : you did a good job in spelling so i leave that one

content : your content is very neat so yea .

research : you need to improve in your research add some more details .

media your media looks great
keep up the great work



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