What I learned from the mothers day project is that you need to be very careful with the tile when you smash it because you can cut yourself. Another, thing I learned from the mothers day project is it takes a lot of work to get your finished project done from the tiling. 


06/11/2012 9:27am

I really like it but in your reflection you could talk about what you enjoyed.

Chelsea Somers
06/11/2012 11:12am

I liked how you made a repeating pattern, but you may want to wash the grout off the tiles better, so you can see them more. Also, using more colours would be nice too. Overall, amazing job! :)

Ms. Bohnert
06/12/2012 9:24am

Great job on the mirror. I think for a first time mosaic creation it looks great! I do like the colour choices you made but next time you may want to consider using colours with more contrast, for example on dark and one light, that way your design will stand-out more. Also, you may want to include, in your reflection, some of the design principles you learned about and used. Continue the good work!

01/23/2013 4:48pm

Did you like this project?


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