Technology has helped me a lot because in my other classes I was in we never used all the computers, IPads and more. Out of school I have an app called "kik" its an app where u can talk to people, I talk to my cousins, friends and family. When I was younger we didnt have a lot of this stuff that we have now, its amazing how tecnology has changed.
1/10/2013 12:30:59 pm

@ Johnny - Does this app allow you to talk to your friends and family for free? I use viber, talkatone, skype, and facetime. I find that these are great for free long distance calling.

Pooh Bear
1/19/2013 01:05:47 pm

Have you learned anything with technology?

bobby orr
1/20/2013 12:03:11 pm

Great job, but do you perfer tech or paper/ writing

1/23/2013 12:23:22 pm

Great job but maybe you could add a picture, maybe of a computer, ipad, etc. but great job


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