We have learned a lot in p.e. this term like track and field, dance, and rollerblading. My personal favourite dance and the rollerblading and more.

Over the past 2 weeks we have been back, we have been learning about angles! During class we were told to go to this website - mathplayground.com
It's a really cool game!
One subject that I find challenging, is math. I find it challenging because sometimes I don't get the questions, I ask and sometimes I still don't get it. One way I can improve in this is maybe to do it everyday. One subject that I enjoy is art and p.e I enjoy art because it is fun, and easy to do. I also enjoy p.e because it love it and I'm really athletic.
Technology has helped me a lot because in my other classes I was in we never used all the computers, IPads and more. Out of school I have an app called "kik" its an app where u can talk to people, I talk to my cousins, friends and family. When I was younger we didnt have a lot of this stuff that we have now, its amazing how tecnology has changed.
LEARNING INTENTIONS: To use the elements of art (line, form, space, shape, colour, and tone), pastels, and proportions in creating a self-portrait using a 'PICASSO-LIKE' style

REFLECTIONS: I learned the elements of art and I chose colours that would look good with my portrait, I also learned how to draw the face and more. I didnt really like how the pastel would get all over you. If I was to improve my drawing I would make my head a bit smaller and I would make the eyes a bit bigger.