Today I red about Liam and his childhood. He was born with one running kidney, doctors were woundering if he would survive. When Liam was 12 he started running a lot, we wouldn't know him from a member of One Direction we would know him as a member of the GB team at the 2012 summer Olympics, but he started getting bullied at his track club. Liam's sister had a boyfriend that did boxing so people that bullied him would have to think twice. He had always loved singing and music.

01/10/2013 20:59

@ Johnny - Here is some feedback:

You wrote. "Today I red"
You should revise it to read - "Today, I read..."

He only has one kidney? Does he have any health problems?

01/10/2013 21:08

@ Johnny

Who is your favorite member of One Direction? Why?

01/23/2013 16:23

i have noticed that you have no pics on any of your blog posts.

01/23/2013 16:56

Good job although I think you said red instead of read

Pooh Bear
01/23/2013 17:18

That was very interesting! I never knew about that and I'm a directioner. I suggest you ad more pictures to your blog posts.
Check out this link, it's kind of funny.


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