Tell me what I need to add and what I am missing.

Joe Joltz
12/15/2011 16:53

You barely included any information for this section. Go over it and add everything we have had from the slide show. Get some pictures in and some good research.

12/15/2011 18:11

-You have barely any info you should add some more.
-Maybe get some info from the Slide show Mr.Hong sent us.
-and maybe a picture for each characteristics.
-Otherwise good job maybe just add more info.

12/15/2011 18:38

There is very little information in this section. Please review your class notes, the text books have good information. Try and find a reliable website to get more info. Keep working on this section. A picture for each characteristic would be good.

12/15/2011 20:12

You just had little bit of info. You could check and see Mr.Hong sild show he gave you. Go over it.

Goddess Athena
12/15/2011 20:20

- You could add more information for this section
- You could also add another page for your 6 characteristics.
- For information, you could check the slide show Mr Hong send us.
- You could add pictures for this section so that the viewer would know what you are talking about.
- Over all you did a great job!

Mr. Hong
12/15/2011 21:46

@ Johnny - Please read the feedback that your classmates have given you and make the edits/revisions.


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