Today I red about how One Direction became famous. All 5 members came to The X-Factor as solo artist, but Simon Cowel put them in a group. Over all they came 3rd in the end. They sang "Torn", and more songs. They all got 3 yes's and 1 no. But they made it. Even though they were out, we all know that they would be really famous one day.
Today I red about Liam and his childhood. He was born with one running kidney, doctors were woundering if he would survive. When Liam was 12 he started running a lot, we wouldn't know him from a member of One Direction we would know him as a member of the GB team at the 2012 summer Olympics, but he started getting bullied at his track club. Liam's sister had a boyfriend that did boxing so people that bullied him would have to think twice. He had always loved singing and music.
Today I red about Niall and his childhood. His parents split up when he was very young. He has his very first kiss and girlfriend at age 11, but years after they broke up because Niall wanted to focus on his carrer to sing. He spent a lot of his time with his auntie. His aunt said that once they were in the car and Niall was singing and it sounded like the radio was on because it was so good! Nialls hero is Justin Bieber, he has always wanted to do a duet with him.
Today I red about Zayn from One Direction and about his life. At first Zayn didn't want to audition because he was scared he would get rejected, but his mom said he should never miss a chance. He had always loved acting and singing. Zayn went to a new school after awhile because he said he didn't fit in at his other schools.
Today I red about Louis' from One Direction and about his childhood. He is the oldest of his family, he has 4 sisters. Louis' always loved to sing, he would even sing in the assemblies at his school. At first One Direction was going to name their band The White Eskimose but Harry from One Direction said that they should name them One Direction!
Firstly, I learned that I should give a bit more eye contact when I present. I also learned that if we didnt have the 5 kingdoms and taxonomy alot of us would have a rare sickness and maybe some of us would maybe be dead. Next time in my presentation I will also work on my hand gestures. I think I should walk around the room and be a bit more engaging. 
I am looking forward to photography this year because we get to learn all about how to take a great photo. We are useing this website to collaborate, communicate and more!
How did you like my presintation from friday on volcanoes.:)
Tell me if I have to fix any thing or misssing, ect I appreceat all of your help Thank you :)
Tell me what I need to add or if I have spelling errors, thank you :)